About Me

Marvellous Durowaiye is a passionate Visual Storyteller hailing from Nigeria, known for his impactful work in photography and narrative journalism. Graduating with a BSc in Sociology from Landmark University, Kwara State, Nigeria in 2021, Marvellous embarked on a journey of visual storytelling, refining his skills through workshops such as the 2022 Street Photography Workshop with Bernard Kalu (SPWWBK), the 2020 Big H Photography Workshop and a 2018 Photography training at Masterminds Studio. His dedication to the craft led him to a certificate course in Photojournalism and documentary practice at the Dikan Centre, Accra Ghana, laying the foundation for his captivating visual narratives.

Throughout his career, Marvellous has curated compelling stories and projects that capture the essence of societal issues and cultural celebrations. From shedding light on child education in the Jahi community to documenting critical matters like the Nigerian Military Abortions panel and the 2023 Nigeria Presidential Elections, his lens has consistently highlighted significant narratives that stem from his sociology background.

His portfolio extends to impactful projects on documenting cultural festivals like Durbar Festival in Zaria, Kano, and Olojo Festival in Ile Ife, Osun state Nigeria, and showcasing the vibrant traditions of Tie & Dye and various festivals across Africa.

Marvellous remains a contributor to renowned platforms like Majority World, and Reuters, with notable publications on the Nigerian Election and Atiku Supporters March in 2023. His work has been published on Reuters, France 24 media, CNN, Aljazeera, Europa Press, and some other local media houses. He's an active member of the World Press Photo and the African Photojournalism Database (APJD), Diversify photographers, solidifying his commitment to the global journalism community.

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